Especially when THAT brother or sista up.
Why we push that saying:
"Money don't make the man."
Why we only say that
When ain't none in our hand.
Why we produce the greatest popstar of all time;
"That girl is mine!"
But even he cut off his African nose
In profuse hate of his face
Before paying doctors millions
Just to make babies with his DNA
Look like the other race.
by Ray Childress

Why Do We...
Why do we hate the people that look like us.
Dress like us.
Walk like us.
Talk like us.
Why do we kill our own to the extent
It resembles a spilled bag of beans
On the local Starbucks floor...
Why we do our people wrong so much more.
Why when the real enemy;
The one who locks down and harasses us.
The one who kicks down our doors.
The one we distrust and don't care for
Pause -- the one we hate even more.
Why when THAT one come thru,
We never try to score.
Why we haterz so much...