By East Hills’ own: Shawn ‘S.E.’ Williams ‘Self-Explanatory’ Now known as: Abu Ta’weel 

~~From shedding blood and being subdued by the LAW I refused when he CALLED so God let me FALL And I remember when I use to get it RAW And bag it up but sniff some with the STRAW And that added to my faults and my FLAWS I was just trying to BALL but the devil made me CRAWL In this life it’s hard to stand too TALL When your cursed and it’s worst when your blade gettin’ DULL “Shaitan/Satan” whisperin’ to me “KILL em’ ALL” I did enough so I’m like “NAH.”

                        “It’s Time To Repent.”


The wrong MATH the wrong PATH Disregard the road to riches it don’t LAST Despite that we itchin’ for more CASH We started it whole-hearted they took HALF We in the whip with Satan and no GAS We didn’t know we’ll be dealing with God’s WARTH I sold TRASH been shot and got STABBED For guap that came FAST we not in the same CLASS Cause I was TAUGHT from the school of HARD-KNOCKS I moves when ya STOPPED I proved that I’m HOT So many times I moved and got CAUGHT For moving in odd SPOTS abusing what I COPPED “La illaha illallah”, you have no idea of the things that I SAW