I was here...

Don't do as I did.

Do as I say.

If not...

You could quite possibly be here

for an even longer stay.

Prison is where

you'll finally learn patience.

Yeah, I know

it will seem hard at first.

But gradually you'll misremember

most of those former thirsts.

No more hot sex

with your cute lil lady.

And you can forget alllll about

being a true father to your newborn baby.

At times life will seem harsh

and your dilemmas so damn wrong.

But that's why old heads in the main yard

be telling young guys to stay strong...

And you best learn to curb that slick mouth

and those reckless ways.

Words are wind.

But if you speak the wrong words

to the right person.

You can quite easily watch

as your dismal prison sentence extends

and extends.


Ray Childress

Scratching On A Prison Wall