"A skilled blend of dangerous street life and young romance that is sure to hook more than a few readers."

Urban Books


"Never heard of urban romance... Now I have."

--Romance Review


"Hot... And very creative."



"El cuento de amor de un gangster."



"Too dangerous for T.V...





"Shout-ouy to mi Puerto Rican social, Maria. She puts it down 4real in book II



"This joint hot... I had a hard time putting it down... don't miss this book!"



"I've read book II... The sex is sooo real you'll feel like you're right there with them.



"The way the murder-game gets put down in this book, BRAZY!!!!!"



"Ella no te quiere como yo..."


"The homeboy Fantasma is so damn 'Cucui."

--18th O.G. Spider

"There is a girl-on-girl shower scene that is out of this world!"


"Finally, we get something to let y'all know what it's hitting for with the real Kanpoleros (Southern Gangsters) out West."

--Miguel 'Fiero' Zamora

"O'ye! Them Latin Kings up in Bushwick get it poppin' by the time book 4 rolls around."

--'Malo' Vega



"Maria is my amiga!"


"Tweakin' shit..I ain't wit' the romance, but the backdoor murder--game had me from the rip."

.--Lamont Childs

"Un ganador!"


"These books are short and sweet.

They get right to the nitty-gritty."



"Sooo hood, yet

very romantic."



"Casper... De Tal palo,

tal astilla."

--O.G. Solo

"Nada! Can't nu'ting

top that Boriqua love."



"That Mexican love is

the BEST!"



"Mieda! When my boy Michael told me about this book I was like, 'Pana, . I have to confess... Grabbed me and kept me reading allll night."



"Takes me from the west Coast to the East Coast with that dangerous love."



"Vea usted mismo."


"To me, this 10 book series is a cross between a Zane novel and a Eric Jerome Dickey novel... But waaaaaay more street."

--'Slim' Williams



*From our Readers*


"Maria is my amiga!"



"18th Street RULES!"



"A real nigga needs a real bitch to hold him down when shit gets serio in those mean streets."


"El libro era bien divertido."



"I love this

killing' shit."



"Once you open this book, you might as well give up on the idea of sleep til' you've finished it."



"Mi social, Maria, goes all the way in once book 2 jumps off."

--Sexy Shareeda

"El cuento de amor de un gangster."


This is real tight.  Ray has a flare for this type of writing.  He makes the characters come to life in the reader's mind.  I found my thoughts going back to when me and Big Widdle would cruise thru Homewood.

By E. 'Truck' Johnson