Marty crushed the empty can after watching Toni glare at him from the bottom of the stairs for a long silent moment.  He knew just who she was.  The Rican chick with the killer body and the stuck-up attitude that played hard to get.  He finally sucked at a tooth and stood up to allow the spicy little Spanish girl in the snug, soft-pink terry cloth outfit, the space to pass. Toni’s nostrils flared in anger after being forced to wait.  She hated theway the muscular football player eyed her like a piece of meat from the top step.  Too hood.  She hated his type.  She felt that guys like him were nothing more than thugs who got free rides because of football. Toni wrinkled her tiny nose as she neared him on the steps.  She heard all about the tonto (dumb) coeds that regularly threw themselves at him. “Humph.”  She huffed, as she tried to avoid him and his strong virile on the narrow stairway. Marty pressed his shoulders to the wall as she went to squeeze by, Damn!  She way hotter than what I imagined.  He thought.  And got damn, she fillin’ out them shorts.  He titled hishead back and to the side to check out her prominent, bubbled backside.  He could not resist.  When his hand palmed her left ass cheek, Toni reacted with a lightning fast smack to the side of his head.  “Jhu Mutha-Fuck…”  She screeched and kept on swinging. “Aye!  Aye! .”  Marty grabbed hold of her wrists to keep her from hitting him.  “Whass wrong wit’chu!”  He barked into her face as he spun her around and penned her to the wall with his 5’11”, 195 pounds of force.  “Calm the-fuck-down.” “Let-Me-Go!”  She tried to wrench herself free. “No!”  He yelled back; Which really caused her to snap-out and start to twist and torque her shapely little body while she shrieked and cursed him in Spanish.  “Te odio pendejo!  Chinga tu madre!  (I hate you!  You punk muthafucker!)”  Toni’s grey eyes were narrowed to angry slits.
“Chu fuckin’ pato (duck)! She continued to go on-and-on, spewing threats that Marty could not understand.  Man, this girl is seriously turnin’ me the-fuck-on! He thought to himself as he got a sense that her anger was starting to lessen. “Whu jhu look at me like dat?”  She snarled, then bared her bright white teeth. “Cause I want kiss you.” Toni’s nostrils flared, signaling another tirade when Marty simply went for it and kissed her.  “Mmmmmm.”  And surprisingly, she reciprocated. She felt Marty’s mouth close down on her own ina French kiss that was so hot, it made her utter breathlessly against his lips.  “Uhmmm.”  The feel of his mouth, hot and masculine, assertive—it took her breath away.  But then, she became just as aggressive. The two began to grind against each other, opening their mouths wide, tongue kissing each other passionately—sending eager hands wandering. Marty’s hand reached out to squeeze and knead a firmly plumped breast, forcing Toni to whimper something in a language that remained foreign to him.  “You smell so good.”  He muttered as his hot breath teased her ear and neck. Things were moving too quickly, she was aware of what he was doing, but it felt too good to make him stop.  “Nada.  Stop.  Ooooh, noooo.”  His steamy, wet lips suckled up to her earlobe.  Then his teeth gently bit into and tugged on her ear before tracing it, before dipping inside.  “Nuh-uhhhh, uh-uhhhhh.” Slowly, Marty lowered his wet kissing, sucking and nibbling down Toni’s neck.  He sucked hard enough near the nape of her neck to leave a ring of pleasure when he pulled away to kiss at the bottom of her chin. Toni gasped in response to him teasingly sucking her top lip into his mouth while her petite hands explored up and down the deeply muscled cut of his back, pulling him into her as her leg curled around him like a smooth beige chicken wing. Marty’s hands fondled each stiff nipple until they extended more than a half of an inch.  “Mmmm, I want’chu sooo bad.”  He growled as a hand slid down inside the back of her shorts to cup one onion-shaped cheek..  A groan issued from deep in his throat when his finger tips brushed the damp, silky hairs between her legs. “I’ve never do any t’ing like dis before.”  She cooed and tucked her face into the crook ofhis neck.  Toni wasn’t sure what she wanted as she felt his hands move to encircle her tiny waist to tug her flush with his rigid body, compelling her to feel just how much he wanted her. They lost all control, leading Marty to roughly yank the crotch of her shorts to the side while she assisted with his sweatpants. “Ohhhh Gawwwd!  Tu asiii grande (It’s sooo big).”  Toniwhimpered out in a strangled sob as the bare head of his penis slipped inside her sopping, gripping sex.  “Es muy muchooo.” Marty could not understand that she was trying to tell him that it was too much—her sultry words only spurred him to ease further within her tight, oily nest; until he bottomed-out. The sound she released was incomprehensible to even someone that fluently spoke Spanish.  Marty tried with all his might to stroke slow and easy, but her utterances drove him crazy.  “Arghh!  Huhhh!”  He plunged in and out of her like a piston, pounding her cervix in a way that caused a frantic orgasm to rip through her, simultaneous to the pain.. The sex became fast and furious.  Explosive.  Supersonic.  Toni had straddled his waist with her strong legs, almost as if she were sitting in his lap Indian-style.  She moaned and panted while swirling her hips in tune with his ruthless, yet pleasurable thrusts—tightening her legs around his waist. With her fingers interwined behind his neck, allowing her to lean her shoulder blades back into the wall, Marty was free to plam a bubbly, bouncing cheek ineach hand.  “Uhhh, yeahhhh.” Suddenly, Toni eked, “Iiieee!  Ahi mismo (Right there)!  Ahi mismo!!  Ahi mismoooo!”  She spilled anew, soaking his repeatedly embedding erection with more of her sticky dew.  “Dios mios (Oh, my God).  Dios miooos.”  The mewling cry came as hernails dug into his deep, rich, brown skin. He pumped her in earnest, his shaft swelling even more within her taut, nipping channel.  Then he erupted, ejected, gushing a stream of creamy lava deep inside her core, which heightened her own climax….