Or those glorified stories of local ghetto stars up to no good?

-- PAUSE --

"Torsten Ove news story Jan.12, 2017"

Squirrel Hill doctor issues illegal scripts as a hustle

Only legal pharmaceuticals, he needs no street muscle

Oxycodone, fentanyl, and percocets

Man, what a hustle.

These scripts generate extreme revenues

Foreign horses, luxury estates with ocean views

Extravagant parties with celebrities on an exotic cruise.

He's blessed when caught

8 months of house arrest is his only servitude.

I guess I should thank channel 2 News.


"Media Exploits"

by Owl Boi (Larimer Ave.)

Living in poverty infested crime zones

Hopeless running away from home

Nothing to believe in future unknown.

Looking for guidance minus the love

The streets embrace is a fool with its hug.

Expose you to capitalism by marketing drugs

Pursuing a goal that spells out a fail

You have two options, death or jail.

Its insane to think you can avoid the inevitable...

What inspired you to think its attainable?

Was it the COKE BOYS in your hood?