I’m greater than you know, in due time have patience time will show, maturing through adversity it only makes sense for me to grow, persistence combined with determination formed a sphere enabling me to glow, even though, physically I’m detained mentally I’m free, wake up every morning smiling to myself, for I know the success of the future me, it consists of creations from ideas made to exist, a list of plans guaranteeing I’ll transcend, I shall win, destined to be a champion, I’m the definition of confidence, envision my aura by way of penmanship persona, it’ll leave you with impressions you’ll grow quite fond or, by visiting the mind of, seeing what kind of man I really am, through life’s hidden cam “mental image film,” shedding light for prisoners nationally turning on the lamp for them, faced with a reality to change, we’re human so it’s in our genes to be humane, being blessed spiritually is the only reward I wish to gain, that’s why I refrain from the same thought process which has me shackled and restrained, but not ashamed, because I corrected an immoral behavior for the first time I feel sane, discovering all along I possessed a key, unlocking words powerful enough for you to acknowledge me, knowing now fate is what I make and the path we take, is a never ending date with progression, there’s no limit on how far I’ll go, a ray of sunshine in the darkest place I’m greater than you know!

Lem Grove 377835
2727 E. Beecher St.
Adrian, MI 49221
‘Greater Than you know’

 Word count: 251