WAYNES. PA 15370

Author of "Coming of Age"

aka: Rio Mulligan

                                                                                She Got It

          What's understood don't need to be said. The cliche could sum it up but that would be selling her short

          She can finish my sentence no hints or research needed. Dot my T’s and close out my paragraphs. Sharpen my delivery and add credence to my flow. My editor in disguise who's so gifted, proofreading is unnecessary. Yeah she got it she makes my story complete. If the writing is on the wall don’t be alarmed if she has to influence your comprehension. Enhance your literary skills so you can acknowledge a fate that was already written. Publish your manuscript before you realize you’re a bestseller. Yeah she got it her belief in you is her greatest asset, and she's aware of the fact that that's the best gift you can give a person.

          They ' 11 never be another use to beg the differ but then again T don't wanna know. Use to fiend for the unknown now I I d rather know no more. No excuses. She don't excuse herself she exclude herself. Like a home—schooled student, in a class all by herself. Her selflessness is invaluable, how dare you try to put a price tag on benevolence? What’s the use of receiving if I have to ask? Unexpected acts of kindness is her forte. Extended hands lead to open arms and it's only right because she's only comfortable in your embrace.

          She didn't come to know her preference off of references, but rather through experiences that she cherish. Appreciate being chose but secure enough to do the choosing. A real woman know what she wants. , yeah she got it. Standards are set ac— cording to her principles.. , but she may break them if your game tight. Only to test your character and see if you can handle the ego boost. Because she got it and she wanna see if you worth getting it. Bravado may unlock her treasure but only the meek can keep it.

          Emotional checks and respectable balances afforded me a heal— thy account. She was my CPA when there were no numbers or books to keep. Yeah she got it..., that homeless loyalty. When I aint have a pot to piss in•••, just us and Mother Nature. She kept me company and kept my company in tact before it was an asset. When it was just a vision she was far-sighted enough to see