Its too bad ppl like me and Ray have often given them what they seek.
Where's our older Black men doing our part collectively with positive acts and kindness for our community?
To myself first and foremost; its time we recognize the value within our own communities. If those older white men can put together something for kids in their community, garnering positive news coverage for their event, why can't we?
Remember; the local news does not create positivity, collectively, it simply spreads its chosen narrative. We must strive to create positive news stories within our own Black communities, otherwise our neighborhoods will continue to help restock the prison population.


by Mike Evans (the Hill District/Homewood)
There was a story on KDKA news today about the 'Train Gang' -- a local group of older men who put together a train set, so that the kids in their community could enjoy a positive holiday moment.
In this perfectly choreographed news segment, groups of white children and grandfatherly white guys, JOYFULLY watch trains go around the track.
It seems that every holiday -- like clockwork -- the local news covers these FUN stories for the white communities. But when it comes to the Black communities, NOTHING, no coverage for "Grandma's Playday" Halloween party down on Upland st. for over 100 kids -- free of charge.
Isn't it amazing that these news agencies rush to our community to report 'black on black' crime? Think about it... When its something positive for our community, the news is not interested in covering it unless its a crime driven story.