I got them both up here. Cuffed him, smacked her around then raped her. And while I'm stuffing my pockets with the goods, this lame gets to his registered gun and shoots me... Man! A real writer could not have this bullshit better.

            BA-BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! with the police pounding at the front door, Omar looked and saw that Mia was staring at him while tenderly fingering the pink handprint that covers the entire left side of her face.  He smiled and mouthed the words, I'll get you.

  Copyright 2015 ©

Ever the expert, Darnell backed off to nibble at the inside of her smooth thigh area. "Mmmm, gurrlll.." He lowered his mouth to her sex, softly kissed the pink flower, skillfully spread her vulva, then used his slithering tongue to French-kiss her exposed sexual flesh.

            "Ooooh, that's it," Mia yowled, "Eat me'eeee!" she screeched after without warning, he forced his tongue so deep she would later swear he'd tickled her bellybutton from the inside. "Hunn," she groaned and pushed her pelvis against his mouth, striving to stick his glorious tongue even further into her pussy. "Aah, Nell," she grabbed her right ankle and pulled it back as far as she could, forcing herself wide-open as she proceeded to rhythmically rock her hips up and down in time to her husband's snaking tongue. "Daaa,"

            Darnell heard his name exit her mouth sounding like a deflated moan. He toyed with her at the apex a few more times, slowly pushing his tongue in then withdrawing quickly, making Mia sob something he couldn't understand. So he obliged her with a few deep thrusts before holding still with his wiggling tongue jammed in her to the hilt, letting her enjoy the feel of fluttering in orgasm around his deeply probing muscle.


            Once Mia finished screaming thru her climax, she pushed Darnell's glazed face off of her and sat up on the edge of the bed.  "I need a taste of this," she hissed.

            "Oh," Darnell stumbled back then forward, "My bad." He accidentally stepped on Mia's toe as they both breathlessly struggled to get his jeans unbuttoned, and pulled off.            "Oh, yeh'esss," she whispered when his turgid pole sprung free of his shorts, nearly smacking her in the face. "I should let'chu pound me from the back." she offered dreamily as her

Darnell went at her with a vengeance. His stiff tongue swirled inside of her as he licked. Then he wrapped his lips around her pebbly clit, sucking it until squealing whimpers and her bucking hips signaled the rush of another earth shattering orgasm.  But in order to take her higher, he backed off again.

            "Oh GAAAWD," she sobbed in all-out bliss.

            Darnell blew warm air over the tiny bud of girl flesh, hesitated, waiting to hear her shrill-like reaction.

            "Daaa-aaah!" it came as Mia lifted her buns up off the bed, blubbering out a plea of some sort. 

            "Huh?" he taunted in between gentle licks and kisses.

            "Pu-leeee-Ze!" her following plea was clipped as she was dragged forward until her ass rested at the edge of the bed.

            In a trice, Darnell parted the buoyant cheeks of Mia's flawless bottom and forced a muffled gasp to escape her throat at the lewd contact of his tongue.

            He kept his tongue stiff and moist with saliva, while using the tip to trace the rim before slithering it wetly over and around the rosebud itself, garnering himself another series of thin, muffled squeals of surprise.

            "Lick me, Nell, do me'eee.."

            After hearing what he wanted, Darnell plunged the tip of his hot, slippery tongue into Mia's tight opening, forcing the muscles apart, making them accept his wiggling tongue.

            Mia went wild, screeching and quivering as she arched her back and drew back her knees, exposing herself to the raunchy deed.  "Nuhhhh! Lick' iiiit." she howled, driven half out of her mind by her husband's salacious tongue ..

          He glanced down and to his left to see none other than his younger cousin, Floyd. "What'chu doin' up in here?  You can't be no more than 16 or 17?"

            Already a problem in and around his Eastside neighborhood, the dark-skinned slim kid produced a cocky grin as he watched Omar make a complete fool of himself on the dance floor .. "I'm 18, man."

            Darnell grimaced after downing the rest of his Irish single malt, "Ahhh.  Still, you need to be 21 to be up in here."

            The wiry kid beside him in fitted True Religion jeans and a fitted Louis Vuitton t-shirt, nodded and smiled in a manner that was far from a smile."Fuck all dat, Cuz. I'm tryin' to holla at this nigga?"

            "I got it under control," he replied without much conviction in his voice. 

            Floyd gave his older cousin a side-eyed glance, but decided to not go any further, for the moment. He hated the way Darnell allowed Omar to get over on him time-after-time. In his heart, he felt that it made the entire family appear soft. Though young, he was old enough to understand that at some point Omar would want more than a few dollars out of his cousin's pocket. 


                                                                   * * *


            During the long ride home, Darnell received a taste of the silent treatment, and before the Range Rover even came to a complete stop in their driveway, Mia was slamming the passenger side door.  "Missy," she barked, waking her 16 year-old sister/babysitter as she entered the living room, "you stayin' or, do you want Nell to drive you home?"

          He reached for her hand, “Mia,” but she yanked free of his grasp. 

            “Nah,” She turned up her button-nose and shook her head.  “And I hope you don’t think you getting’ some …”

            Darnell’s brow came together, “H-huh?” he questioned in confused wonder.

            “You heard me,” Mia gave him that classic rolling of the neck and said, “I ain’t tryin’ to dike tonight.”

            He shook his head in a This is too much, manner.

            In response, she screwed up her pouty lips a moment before dropping one more omen … “If I want some pussy-on-pussy action I’d pull one of these bad bitches up in here.”

            Darnell sighed, then pinched and shaped the bridge of his nose in frustration. “C’mon, chill wit’ all dat extra ‘ish.”

            As if to let her man know exactly where she was coming from, Mia’s eyes popped wide-open in an expression that appeared to state, Uh-huh, you can act like I won’t if you want to.  before she left him standing there with his mouth hanging open as she sauntered off; the extra shift in her heavenly hips forcing some added bounce to her ample backside, which looked to be straining the seams of the skin-tight miniskirt. 




            Feeling like a beaten man, Darnell stood near the bar and watched Omar flash the cash he’d worked hard for, as he danced in the middle of the floor with a bottle of Ciroc held high.

            “Sup, bro?”

          Over at the bar, things were beyond tense. “Sup, my nigga?” Omar chuckled while playfully patting Darnell’s shoulder. “I seen that fine’ass, high-yellow thang of yours up in here … lookin’ good enough to eat.”

            “Man, you crazy,” Darnell tried to laugh it off as his boys kept their eyes riveted on their drinks.

            Omar tightened the arm now draped around Darnell’s neck.  “Whass up!” he raised his voice a few levels to address the other guys, daring them to meet his glare.

            At about 6 foot tall, Omar was slim built with a hawkish face, that along with his dark ashen skin, gave one the impression of a vulture when his mouth curled into his patent leer. Look at these bitch’ass niggaz, he seethed, shooting daggers into the sides of their heads. There ain’t no fuckin’ way they s’posed to be eatin’ the way they do.

            With the arm around his neck tightening into a near headlock, Darnell decided to just go ahead and bite the bullet before Omar started accosting his boys right at the bar. “Uh, yea, Omar, we all brought our ladies out for a night on the town.”

            “Damn, my nig,” He feigned injury, shaking his head and gazing down at the toes of his tan Timberland boots. “I’m sayin’, like Nell, if you wasn’t duckin’ my calls I could of fucked around and brought my lil bitch, too.”

            Not if my wife had anything to say about it. Darnell thought to himself, but he nodded in concession. “Yea, my bad, bro. I was in the middle of somethin’ with Mia and the kids when I missed your call.”

            “All of ‘em?” he questioned with a leering side-eye. 

“Who, Hazel?” Mia waved a hand in a dainty, fly-swatting motion. “That ho been getting’ her ratchet on since what,” She paused as if in thought, “8th grade?”  

            “Ahaaa!” the young women around the table broke out in tipsy, girlish laughter just as the music changed, and Mia with a hand held high, swayed lusciously to the sounds of Juicy J chanting, ‘Bands will make her dance’, blaring throughout the jam-packed club.

            Mia took the lustful stares of men, and a few women in stride. She was use to being the center of attention since her days as a sassy-mouthed beauty from the block with a body that could make men stop and gawk. Still a beauty, her curves were even more pronounced now-a-days; perhaps a result of her workout routine or her pregnancies (5 year-old Darnell, Jr. and 2 year-old Mavita). Nonetheless, she did not mind the desirable eyeballing of her big, round, perfectly shaped booty—-not to mention her healthy womanly hips and a set of eye-popping breasts that always appeared to be swelling up over her bra cups. 

            “Yea, BITCH!”  Mia shouted over the music to her girl, “Ask my man if I know how to back it up and drop it to the floor.”

            Her girl Sherita was just as sassy and sexy.“What, Ho!” she shot back, teasingly extending her pink tongue. “You betta’ ask mines about this crazy tongue-game.”

            “Mia,” another pretty girl sitting at the table tapped her arm, “is that snake’ass Omar?”

            “Ain’t nobody murder that nigga, yet?” Sherita offered offhandedly.

            “Gurlll, that is sooo wrong,” Mia said in a purring tone as they watched Omar approach their men at the bar. 

            “I don’t give a fuck,” Sherita went on, “I hate him.” She then smirked and reached for her cranberry Armadle.

          Darnell was the kind of guy from a rough neighborhood that would be categorized as a pretty boy with his smooth chocolate skin, average height, and the average build of a guy who wasn’t out of shape yet looked like he’d never seen the inside of a gym. He was also a guy from the street that chose to avoid violence at all costs, which wasn’t easy since he happened to be one of the few, former mid-level dealers to make a successful conversion into legitimate business. 

            Presently Darnell stood at the bar inside of the Aqua Club, laughing and joking with a few of his best boys while waterfalls rolled and splashed behind glass walls all around the club.  “Shit,” he mumbled the moment he spotted Omar making his way slowly through the crowd.

            The Aqua Club was located in the swank Strip District, far from the city’s rugged Eastside neighborhoods; thus, Darnell never expected to run into a wayward thug like Omar, a guy who had been terrorizing since their days on the playground. Where the hell is Mia?  He stretched his 5’10” frame and craned his neck in a failed attempt to spot his lovely little wife.

            Across the club, unbeknownst to her man’s plight, 36 year-old Mia held court at a table filled with top-shelf bottles and the girlfriends she rarely got to hangout with since the majority of them were now mothers like herself.

Ray Childress
P.O.Box 37118
Oak Park, MI 48237
‘A Home Invasion’
Genre: Erotic Romance/ Naughty with Sizzle
Word count: 8145

~A Home Invasion~

"Damn, girl ... you're holding."

            "Thank you," she mumbled skittishly at best.




            Once Darnell wrapped his fingers around the doorknob, he stood there watching the front door for several minutes.  He couldn't seem to get his mind calmed, or make his feet move.  He was sweating now, and he felt like he might be getting sick. "Uhh, man," he took a deep breath and sighed, then entered the house. He stood there quietly again, allowing his ears to search for sounds throughout the house; hoping against hope that his unpredictable wife hadn't gone and done something other than what was already planned.

            But shortly thereafter, Mia rounded the corner.  She slowed enough to look at him, and he shook his head in near despair, causing her to give him an insolent sneer in return.

            Then, just before she reached the stairs, she angled herself in a way that Darnell clearly saw that her kimono had been tugged open to expose most of her left breast. 

            Not long after Mia disappeared up the stairs, Omar came diddy-bopping into the living room with a smug grin for Darnell.

"Sup, nigga?"

            Shrugging unassumingly, Darnell took one last glance toward the now empty stairs as Omar slapped his arm around his shoulder and pulled him close enough to hear his scathing words.

            "Nigga, you need to go ahead and let me handle Mia for you," Omar stated, with a snorting laugh.

         "Hold that thought," she chimed at the sound of Darnell's truck beeping automatically as he backs up into the driveway.

            "Aye," Omar grasped her at the elbow when she went to ease on past him.

            Raising her chin, Mia looked him in the eye, not in fear, but virtually in defiance.  They were both quiet, watching each other.  Then Omar laughed to break the ice, and she gave him a coquettish smile in return--upping the ante.

            "Ahaa," Omar did not miss the way Mia's nostrils flared as they eyed each other. "You prob'ly harder than your nigga, huh?"

            When Mia remained silent, he tried to impress her by giving a speedy rundown on how he'd been basically extorting Darnell since the day he got out of prison.

            "And," a hand went to her hip, "you say all that to say what?"

            He chuckled again over the way her nose wrinkled. "I got your man so far in pocket, he's willing to let me fuck you just to keep his life running smoothly."

            "Aah," Mia yielded the type of laugh that really wasn't a laugh at all, and allowed it to hang in the air for a moment or two. "You really want some of this?"

            Omar answered by positioning himself against her side so he could reach up under the back of her robe to crudely fondle her bubbly booty.

            Mia did not react to the molesting hand, she merely asked another question. "I thought Nell rode over to the storage unit to get some money for you?"

            Damn! The safe.  I knew I shoulda' rode with that dummy.  Fuck it! I'll get it all in due time, then his thoughts swung back to the prize in front of him.  He nodded, "We talked about some other shit too." Again, pushing his good-fortune even further, he eased his other hand down over her shoulder into the v at the neck of her kimono to paw at a voluptuously lush boob. 

With their kids spending the weekend over at grandma's house, a still dressed Darnell knelt on the floor at the foot of the imported, handmade Italian bed, where he used both hands to hold Mia's wildly squirming ass while he kissed, licked, and tongued her through an extremely vocal orgasm.

            "Fuck! That was craaaazy," she gasped as the after-shocks continued to rack her body. There was a grin of utter sedation plastered on her face as Darnell raised his head from down between her thighs.

            He licked his lips, then looked into her lustful eyes.  "You liked that, huh?"

            "Mmmmm," she giggled, "Yea," she whispered.

            "I didn't hear you," Darnell watched his wife suck at her bottom lip, cup a big knocker in each hand, then begin to massage and squeeze the pulpy yet firm flesh before pinching the beige nipples between her thumb and forefinger until they stood erect.

            "I know how much you like when I play wit'em."

            He made a small sound, nodded and watched her knead the plump mounds like a seasoned pornstar. Her French-tipped nails left red marks on the breast she lifted up to her mouth. She used the pointed tip of her tongue to tease the spiked nipple, then she dropped that one and licked the other. 

            Eventually, amidst her soft murmuring utterances, he worked his way back down between her thighs and started working on his Boo's next orgasm. But unlike the first one, this time when she'd come close he'd ease off.

            "Ho-oooll, Baby, your tongue is A-mazing," she moaned blissfully and grabbed at the back of his head, pulling his face into her crotch in hopes of stopping him from stopping again.  "Daddy, please, don't stop."

"She get all that attitude from you-"

            She gave Darnell another one of her patent, warning looks.

            He shrugged and went on, "And y'allz mother."

            Mia's eyes narrowed to slits once he came towards her with open arms, "Uh-uhnn, noooo," she kind of whimpered. "Don't"

            "C'mon," Darnell attempted to engage her in a hug that she endeavored to worm away from."Just let me eat that thang for you."

            As his hands began to roam Mia nearly relented, because after-all, his tongue work was more than wonderful when he doled out makeup oral sex. But then Omar's ugly face flashed in her head, ruining everything. "Nah, no!"

            Darnell was left downstairs in his sprawling, luxuriously styled home. "Man," he signed and looked around at the high-end this, the European that, and slumped down on his overpriced couch. "What am I going to do?" He preceded to ponder: He loved

his wife dearly; some might even say he worshipped her. She was unpredictable at best, terribly stubborn and moody. One minute she could be receptive, a seductive sexy kitten, and the next all claws.

            "Well," He smacked his thighs and rose to head down into his man cave" Maybe I'll put on a movie."




            It took a week of pleading, an extremely expensive Miu Miu handbag, followed by a bit of shrewd deal-making before Mia finally allowed Darnell a taste--and taste he did.

"I ain't drivin'-" he started to speak halfway thru the door, when a look from his wife silenced him.

            "Uhh," the young beauty staggered up off the couch to her feet, rubbing at her eyes. She then stretched her arms above her head, causing the midrif-cut Jolo sweater to rise and flash her belly-ring, "Imma' stay,"

            "Well pick up your stuff and come sleep wit' me." Mia said as she graced Darnell with a deadly glare, "This fool on da' couch."

            Missy heard the tone of her sister's voice and headed for the stairs before she got hit with the collateral damage Mia was known to cast around, when Mia took a double-take at the way Missy's tiny shorts struggled to contain the young creamy flesh as her hips rotated with each barefoot step she took.

            "Missy," Mia's head shook almost belligerently, "where da' hell you get those lil'ass shorts?"

            "Your drawer," she answered pointedly, without a look back as her foot landed on the bottom step.

            "Huh?" Mia's brow knitted in a frown, and her mouth bunched in aggravation. "You supposed to be over here babysitting, not going thru my drawers .... And your fast 'ass betta' not of had no boys over here." she added with a sneer.

            "Fast?" Missy mumbled loud enough to hear halfway up the stairs, "From what I hear, I ain't no faster than you was at my age."

            This time Mia sputtered, and then, looking up to the ceiling as if she might be able to see Missy entering her bedroom through the floor, she spoke out-loud to herself. "Did that lil bitch just read me?"

          “Ahaa!” she laughs in his face, a clear sign she’s beyond furious with him. “You’re kidding, right?”  She places a hand on her hip, “Didn’t you hear something about him trying to kidnap you before?”

            When Darnell fails to respond in a timely enough manner, Mia fingers her short-cut bob hairdo in frustration, and continues to go in on him. 

            “I mean, shit!”  She gives an exaggerated neck roll, “Next, he’ll be tryin’ to come at me …”

            Mia’s last statement hung in the air before Darnell finally replied .. “Nah, it ain’t even like that.”

            If the corner they currently stood in wasn’t so dark, he would have seen the way her high-yellow complexion flipped to a beet-red.

            Mia understood that her man was a lover not a fighter. He was more adapt to talk it out rather that spark it out-–and that   

Was a quality she loved in him, but she would not continue to stand by while they were repeatedly threatened. 

            “Sup?” Darnell asked following another prolonged pause. 

            Mia gave an inelegant snort, rolled her light-brown eyes, and went back to the table to retrieve her Hermes Birkin bag. 

            After taking the majority of the money from Mia’s bag, Darnell sheepishly asked if she wanted to put the club bill on their credit card, irking her even more-—which led to her angrily eyeing him from head-to-toe, prior to rudely brushing past him on her path back to her girlfriends, when she suddenly stopped, pivoted, and came back to address him further. 

            “You actin’ like you some type of bitch’ass nigga,” she snarled, “when I know you ain’t.”

          “Uhm, yea, well wh-what had ha-happened…” Darnell stammered as he was all but dragged into a nearby bathroom while his boys looked on without so-much as a raised hand in objection.


            Darnell approached his wife at her table shortly thereafter, severely dejected. “Hey, Honey,” he says before greeting each young lady by name, while Mia pouts, narrows her light-brown eyes to slits, and scrutinizes the way his Armani shirt is wrinkled at the collar and missing a few buttons.

            “Excuse me, y’all,” Mia huffs, rising and adjusting her snug, charcoal-colored bandage miniskirt as her heavy breasts wobble lubriciously within the loose confines of her sheer Samantha Black v-neck top … And this nigga, she sneers at the sight of Omar lurking a stones throw away.

            In woeful fashion, Darnell follows Mia into a dimly lit corner.  “Baby, I-” 

            The look Mia gives him silences him instantly. “What?”

            A slow, weak smile spreads across his face prior to the launch of his plea. “Imma’ need some of that money I gave you back at the crib.”

            She simply glares back at him for an extended pause, agitatedly tapping the toe of her teal, Sergio Rossi suede platform pumps. “Are you really going to continue to allow that foul’ass nigga to basically extort you?" she says in a hiss, pursing her teal-tinted lips.  “Seriously, you need to man the fuck up! Or I will.”

            Looking away, Darnell offers a deep exhalation of depletion. “Look, just let me handle it.”

          The anxiety made it harder and harder to breathe as he continued to struggle. I can still get out of this.  He kept trying to squirm, but he wasn't moving. What am I tied up with?

            "Mia," Darnell looked to his wife, then to Omar's prone figure stretched out on the floor. "I'm not touchin' his dick." 

"Pshhh! Boy," she took a deep breath and pondered, to get shit done, sometimes a Real Bitch has to do what she has to do.

            With her eyes locked onto her husband's, Mia knelt next to Omar and started to undo his pants, when she suddenly froze.

            Mia and Darnell both held their last breath and stared at Omar for a few tense moments, watching his chest rise and fall with labored gasps--until Darnell moved over top of him and pressed the gun barrel to his heart.

            "Mia," Darnell motioned with a hand in front of his face, for her to fix the ski mask he'd placed on Omar earlier.

            "Oooh!" she eked and scurried away at the sight of Omar's crazed eyes peering back at her thru the mask's eyeholes."He's-"

            "He's paralyzed." He finished for her, nudging Omar with his toe a few times. "He'll probably make it."

            From her knees, Mia looked wistfully to her husband. "So, do we stick to the plan?"

            "Yea we stick to the plan." He gestured for her to get on with it, "It's his word against ours," he said, flashing a menacing grin down at Omar. "By the way, Babe, that PFA you went down and put on his ass was brilliant.”

            "Thank you, Honey." she gushed, eyeing her man lovingly while she yanked Omar's pants down around his ankles.

          Darnell was halfway out the door when he noticed Omar's car wasn't parked out front.  "Where your ride?"

            "Oh," he offered another one of his slick, slight smiles.  "I parked a block over."

            In the living room alone, Omar shifted around in an effort to seat himself comfortably on the sleek, European-styled couch.  Do this nigga think I'm slow or sum'thin?  Of course I ain't parkin' my ride out in the open.  I might need to creep up outta here.  He took another gander of all the luxury around him and began to wonder.  If I play my cards right, I can have this type of shit.  Or better yet, I could just take er'thing this bitch 'ass nigga got-

            "Omar?" Mia spoke almost shyly as she stepped barefoot into the room, causing Omar's eyeballs to just about pop out of his head at the sight of her wearing the short-cut kimono that left very little to a man's imagination.

            He licked at his dry lips and stared.  It was clear by the bounce that she wore no bra beneath the silky, floral-print material.

            Yes. Mia knew the look well; thus, she continued on with the playing of the game.  "Wait right there, O. I got 'chu."  she said with a delicate wave of her hand as she sashayed her way to the kitchen, his heated stare tracking the enticing jounce of T & A that quaked splendidly with each hip-undulating step she took.

            Uhm-hm, I know she love the attention she gets when she moves.  Omar mused thoughtfully.  "Let me see what's up."  He hopped up from the couch and tailed Mia into the kitchen where she tried to laugh-off a number of vulgar advances. 

            "Oh, ahaa! You want to what?" Mia laughed and wrinkled her little button-nose, and took a step back, eyeing Omar from his scuffed Timberland boots to his vulture-like face.

eyes slowly rose to meet his, "Uhmm," even while she spoke he brushed the tip of his stiff manhood across her mouth.

            "Huhhh," her warm breath made his tool jerk, then as she flicked out her tongue to lick her lips, the pink tip touched the crest of its bloated helmet, causing Darnell to groan beseechingly."Don't tease," he husked as his boner twitched inches from her lovely face, in anticipation of being sucked.

            The thrill and excitement of the plan coming together had them both hornier than usual. So one of them needed to maintain some sort of composure with the pieces of the puzzle close to being in their proper place -- key of which was Mia getting thoroughly and brutally fucked, which wasn't such a stretch since she relished the rush that came with handling her husband's considerable size.

            "Nah, Nell, uh-uh," she shook her head, "I can't trust you with that much leeway. You'll mess around and go H.A.M., bussin' your nutt all up in my belly." She peered up into his eyes, purring softly, extending the tip of her tongue just enough to draw tiny circles around the head of his throbbing penis, then she leaned foward to wrap her moist lips around him.

            "Awww, man," his head lolled atop his shoulders, "that feels sooo-" a thin, muted groan clipped his speech.

            Mia got goosebumps at the sound of her man's groaning rapture. "Mmmmm," she hummed, working up as much saliva as she could, spreading it around the mushroom-shaped head with the tip of her extremely talented tongue. Then she began to bob her head forward, taking more and more of him into her mouth while suctioning his girth between her moist lips; her skilled tongue dancing around underneath his hard dark shaft the entire time.


          "You trippin', man," Darnell said, avoiding Omar's challenging stare by looking at the floor, the walls, and the ceiling, before removing the laptop satchel he carried slung over his shoulder.  "Let's take a seat."

            Seated on the couch with Darnell, Omar turned up his mouth and nodded while Darnell laid out a few neat stacks of money on the low-level glass table. Look at this idiot.  He beyond foolish if he think I don't want more.  Shit! It's like he done gave me the keys to the vault, and the hen house, he pondered as a Ressence Type 3 time-piece worth over 30k clinked down on the table.

            "Like I told you, I don't mess around with drugs no more. But Woody will sale you a kilo for this watch, no questions asked."  Nervously, Darnell wiped at the sweat coating his brow while Omar took his time eyeing the watch. "Yeah, uh, Mia gon' come down and make something to eat."

            "Oh, yea," he smiled knowingly.

            "Uh-huh," Darnell rose, rubbing his sweaty palms on his jeans. "You tryin' to come check out my website, downstairs?"

            "Nah," Omar shook his head, "I'm cool. I ain't wit' all that computer stuff.

            Darnell could not have been gone from the room for more than 2 minutes when Mia materialized at the bottom of the stairs with her kimono hanging open enough to show a perfectly round boob. She smacked her lips to announce her presence, then she smiled bashfully, overbit her bottom lip and demurely dropped her gaze to her pedicured toes.

            "Sup, lil mama?" Omar asked, rising from the couch, "What'chu tryin' to get into?"

            Mia nibbled at the side of her lip, then gestured toward the stairs with a tilt of her head.

          Fresh from the shower, Darnell was barely dressed when the doorbell buzzed.  He looked nervously back at Mia who stood at the patio doors staring out into the night, "We can still call this shit off?"

            Mia turned, and arched a brow the way a teacher might regard a student who could not be as stupid as the question that had just come out of the child's mouth.

            From his seat on the bed he offered a waning smile, "What?"

            "Nell," Mia crossed the plush creme-colored carpet to him, tugging the silk kimono tighter around herself in a failed attempt to contain her wobbling, braless breasts. "We need to end this mess tonight," she said, cradling his head to her chest.  "He's a threat to everything we have as a family."

            With the doorbell repeatedly buzzing, Darnell descended the stairs, took a deep breath, then opened the front door.

            "Damn, bro." Omar snarled, bumping his way by into the house.  "You got a nigga waitin' outside an' shit."

            "My bad, man. I-"            "Whoa!" in amazement, Omar's gaze traveled around the living room, marveling at all the splendor, before he quickly gathered himself. From the outside the house was fabulous to him, but inside it was even more spectacular.  He felt like he'd just stepped into a photo shoot for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  There were pieces of furniture and artwork in the house he was sure had to cost more than the total value of his mother's home. "Yo," he chuckled to mask his

Omar quickly finished stuffing his pockets with cash and caught Mia leaning against the wall, halfway up the stairs. "Daaay'um," he issued under his breath as she climb the steps ahead of him.

            "Whaaaat?" she squealed girlishly, playing to his advances.

            "Your lady lumps rock and roll nicely when you move."

            "Yea," she glances over her shoulder and makes a cute, yet unsure face. "What, when I walk?"


            "Wellll," the tip of her tongue curls and she bats her lashes for affect, "I bet'chu my ass looks even betta' when I'm getting smashed from the back."

            "Uhhh-" Omar was in the process of uttering something that fell between a groan and a ravenous howl when he crossed the threshold into a master bedroom that just about surpassed the 20 thousand dollar a-night MGM Grand hotel suite he'd once seen on TV during the World Series of Poker.  But unlike that room's red, white, and black decor, this bedroom was expensively done in varying shades of creme, white, and fancy chrome trim that set the spacious room apart from the norm. The king-size bed was the centerpiece, while a very vogue seating area near the sliding patio doors, done in a bright-white, featured a uniquely styled soft-looking leather chaise lounge seat that looked as if it could double as some sort of kinky sex apparatus.

            Mia noticed how Omar froze in awe in the doorway, his lower jaw hanging slack. Yeah, we do got it like that! she pondered inwardly, gracing him with a condescending smile. "You good?"         

"Oh, yea-yea," he stammered, regaining his composure as he turned to close the door. "So, uh, what we gon' do if Nell show?"

          "Damn, Mia," he observed the way her mouth screwed into a licentious grimace, "you cummin' and my dick ain't even in you."

            "Nell, you ... Oooh!"

            Darnell had inserted his knob between the puffly lips of Mia's vagina at that moment, causing her to draw both knees up in eagerness in order to allow him a more easy and succulent entry into the spongy depths of her pussy.  He expelled a cautious but satisfied "Aaah!" as he entered fully into the tightly-enclosing squishiness.  He pumped and sawed smoothly within her welcoming channel before ramming himself in full, rolling his hips in a way Mia thoroughly enjoyed unless--they were role-playing and she was the naughty cowgirl bucking atop her big bull.

            "This is-my-pussy.." It didn't take long for Darnell to have both feet planted firmly on the floor, giving him the leverage to ruthlessly pound Mia's humping ass into the mattress.

            "You're-riiiight!" she wailed, annunciating her words upon each of his swirling strokes, "Give-me-all-of that BIG! Hard, Pi'iiipe!"

            "Yea," he husked, pushing up on his out-stretched arms to dole out a series of deep, skin-smacking thrusts, SWA-AACK! CAR-AAACK! SMA-AAACCK!

            "Mannn," he threw his head back to murmur his pleasures as her silky walls clutched and spasmed around him.  "You-are-so fucking we'eet."

            "Wetter than a puddle!"  Mia extended her tongue to wet her upper lip, watching him watch her, while her hips weaved and wound with the dexterity of a sensuous belly dancer.  "You like when-I-move-like this, huhh?"

            "Aaah," he gritted from the way her sex expertly sucked at the length of him on each, long, outstroke.

          Her eyes rolled in an exaggerated fashion and she haphazardly waved a petite hand,  "He can get caught up in his website shit for hours .. unless I need him."

            "Word?" Omar reached down to adjust himself and approached Mia as she timidly pinched the neck of her kimono together with both hands, as if holding on to steady herself, as she took a few uncertain steps backward. "Hey," he leered licentiously due to her now docile display of trepidation, "you won't need him-"

            "I wouldn't be so sure of that." Darnell boasted, stepping from the shadow of the walk-in closet, leveling his licensed handgun on Omar's center mass. "Mia,"

            A hand-gesture from her husband snapped her out of her stupor, and sent her scampering over the bed to his side.

            Once the initial shock of being surprised wore off, Omar turned up his bottom lip, and spread his arms in invitation.  "What!" he wolfed, "You ain't gon' do-"

            BOOM! the gun blast struck Omar dead center, an inch and a half below the heart, fracturing the L4 and L5 of the vertebrae.

            Mia wrapped her arms around Darnell's waist for security, her eyes on Omar's crumbled form stretched out near the door. "Is he dead, Nell?"

            He unwound her arms with his free hand and went to check the body for any signs of life. "If he ain't dead," he looked up, "he paralyzed for sure, I hit him dead center."



                       Omar came to minutes later, Am I dreaming? He felt like he was stuck in a wind tunnel. He could hear snippets of a conversation around him but he couldn't move. Am I tied up? What

          Mia's big cream-colored knockers shook and shuddered.  "Oooh!" she yelped, tilting her pelvis up. "Nell, you-hitting-my spot!"

            "Hannnn!" his tongue hung from his mouth similar to a panting dog. "You want-more-of this pipe?"

            "Oh, GAAAWD. Fu'uuuck! Tear-this-pussy up..."  Mia lost her ability to think straight, all of her senses were focused on the way Darnell was making love to her, 'Oh!' but the instant he pulsed within her snug tunnel and bared his teeth, she hissed, "Don't you cum in me," shoving her palms up into his hips on his out-stroke, pushing him free of her snapping vagina with a wet sucking, plopping sound.

            The roar in Darnell's head overwhelmed Mia's plea, but when she sat up on the edge of the bed and caught the head of his bobbing tool with her mouth, he lulled in all-out ecstasy.

            "Hmmm-mmm," savoring their mingled flavor, she grabbed a hold of his tight butt for support as he began moving his hips, fucking her mouth with his hard shaft.  "Uhmmm," his hips were a blur now, and she absolutely loved it.  To her, it was a huge turn-on to hear the strained grunts and groans rip from her man's throat while he literally fucked her pretty face.

            "Argh-ha," there was a hitch in his gasp for breath, his tool moving wetly back and forth between her tight lips when Mia gently cupped his balls in her left palm, wrapped her fist around the base of his pipe, then stopped.

            Mia smiled inwardly at the tiny, animal-like sound that escaped his lips, a mix of frustration and pleasure.  "Oooll, you want me to make it spit?"

            Before he got to answer, she was sucking him hard, bobbing and twisting her head in a practiced method that permitted her to swallow blast upon warm blast of his manly nectar.

daa-? I can't see shit, either. Is somethin' covering my face?  He began to ponder, and tried to concentrate to zero in on the voices moving around him:

            "Mia, you sure the alert went out?" Omar heard the sound her lips made when they smacked together. "I put this shit together, Nell... You just make sure you can play your part." 

            "Yo! Who you talkin' to?"

            Omar heard the soft sounds and cooing of a woman being voraciously embraced. "Mmmm, stop, Nelll," Mia whimpered, "we need to hurry it up."

            Mwah! there was the slurping smack of kissing lips. "Mmm, did you brush your teeth?"

            There was a brief pause. "I gargled some Scope." another pause was followed by a short, girly giggle, "Ain't no telling what they might check for when they do that rape kit on me.” another kiss, "Mmm, I wouldn't want them to find traces of your sweet cum all in my mouth."

            "You know what ... I ain't even gon' comment on that until I got'chu face down, later on tonight." Darnell said as his voice moved across the room, "C'mon, lets finish baking this fool."

            What the fuck? Omar began to contemplate what he'd just heard. They're setting me up.

            "Shit!" Omar heard Darnell curse as drawers were opened and closed. "I can't find the handcuffs, Mia?"

            "Nell," she said from over by Omar, "I put 'em in that top drawer the last time we used 'em."

            Oblivious to the fact that Omar was alive and listening, Darnell began to vent as the adrenalin coursed thru his veins. "Mia, like, how this nigga gon' keep comin' at me? I'm far from soft. I've handled shit in the past. I just don't go around broadcasting it."

            "I know, baby."

          "Babe, you do this shit too good," he lauded, bringing both hands around to cup her twisting and bobbing head.

            Listening to Darnell's labored breaths, his penis slipping rapidly in and out of her mouth like a piston, she thought, He is not going to last much longer.

            "Mia, Imma', aaah-" his lips peeled back to exhibit a set of clenched white teeth.

            "Hmm-mmm," she purred around his shaft for a few more bobs of her head before, SLOP! she reluctantly slid his pole from her lusciously collared lips.  Then, maintaining eye-contact, she used the pointed tip of her tongue to delve into the slit at the head of his penis.

            Darnell watched her perform the sultry, tongue acrobatics, his lower jaw still hanging slack as she pulled away with a floating line of spider web-like string stretching from his dick to the tip of her curled tongue. "I need to fuck you before-"

            Mia silenced him by gently pinching the head between her thumb and forefinger."Nell," she purrs, batting her lashes, "you could always fuck me after you cum in my mouth?"

            Unable to form proper speech, he simply stood there taking in all of her loveliness. Mia's lewd display of affection was one of the main reasons he'd never felt the urge to chase stray women like most of the guys his age. Perhaps; it was because she would likely castrate him if he even entertained the thought of going behind her back to cheat.

            "C'mon," she continued to purr like a sexy little feline, grasping his stiff shaft to pull him on top of her. "I need you to fuck me with this big dick .. Really hard."

            His lips dipped to one breast and he sucked the peak deeply into his mouth, stretching her nipple to the point that it became painful--but the pain only served to intensify the lust in her groin area.  It was as if her nipples were connected directly to her clitoris.

          "Paralyzed from the neck down, and a known rapist. Uhm," Darnell paused to smirk, "his future couldn't be brighter."

            While Mia and Darnell carried on about how he'd go down for brutally raping her during this phony Home Invasion, Omar regarded the way Mia's face screwed up at the sight of his semi-hard penis lying lifelessly between his thighs. Then, avoiding his eyes, she slid a hand into her panties, before using the same hand to fondle his flaccid meat. I can't feel a thing, he droned to himself since he seemed to have lost the ability to speak.

            Mia, still kneeling over Omar, bared her teeth to pluck out a few of his pubic hairs.  "Uh, this is soo gross," she huffed, rose to her feet, and sprinkled the evidence into her panties.

            "You ready?" Darnell asked as Mia strode purposely up to him with police sirens now blaring out in front of the house.

            "Are you ready?" she questioned, raising a brow.

            He swallowed hard and nodded, "Don't look at me."

            Mia smiled lovingly and looked in Omar's direction, CA-RACK! the open hand smack to the side of the face landed so hard that she collapsed at her husband's feet--bringing a semblance of a smile to Omar's lips.

            "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," Darnell lamented over and over while helping his wife to her feet. "I'll never do that again. I love you so much. I love you more than life itself."

            Sniffling and whimpering into his shoulder, Mia muttered in a babyish utterance, "You better."

            Omar blinked his eyes to clear his vision, and continued to piece the puzzle together:

astonishment. "Y'all up in here on some bourgeois shit.  It look like white people live here, not no niggaz."

            Darnell displayed an uneasy smile, "Mia pretty much did the interior decorating."  He paused in thought, scratched at his neck for a moment, then added, "Her and her mother combed thru a lot of magazines and websites until they found-"

            The critical look Omar produced stopped him mid-sentence.

"Yea," he tugged at the tip of his beak-like nose, "so, uh, where er'body at?"

            He shoved his hands into his pockets and shrugged.  "My mother-in-law got the kids, and Mia upstairs."

            Omar offered a slight smile in return, and adjusted his manhood while Darnell yelled upstairs to Mia.  I wonder what she got on? Man, I bet her lil fine 'ass got some good pussy?

            "What?" Mia yelled back.

            "I said, Omar down here!"

            "Oh, okay," she paused for a few moments, and said, "How you doin' O?  Can I get'chu a drink or somethin'?"

            "Uh," he was a bit taken by her unusually pleasant attitude toward him, "uhm, some juice ... or a beer would be cool."

            "Al'ight, I'll be down in a minute," she replied as sweet as honey.

            "O, I gotta run around the corner real quick," Darnell said as he flipped his car keys around in his palm, "You wanna ride?"

            Omar weighed his options, thought about sexy little Mia upstairs, then shook his head side-to-side.  "Nah, I'll go ahead and chill here wit' Mia."

          Leaning smoothly back, and to the side, Omar took up what he perceived to be the coolest pose ever. "I'm sayin', you heard a nigga."

            She rolled her light-brown eyes toward the kitchen ceiling in response, then spoke in a monotonously tone.  "You want me to let 'chu, eat my ass?"

            "Like a cupcake."  he grumbled, backing her up until she was pinned against the countertop.

            "Why you pushing all up on me, nigga?" she muttered, using a hand to clutch the neck of her robe together while peering up at him.

            His eyes dropped to the swollen globes she sought to cover, "Why you keep answering my questions wit' questions?"

            Mia was nowhere near as scared as she should have been with the ominous situation she currently found herself in.

            "Don't." she shooed Omar's hand away with a dainty flick of her wrist after he'd used a hooked finger to tug at the lapel of her kimono, in a slick bid to see more of her creamy breast.  "You really need to stop."

            "Why? Cause Darnell on his way back?"

            Mia clucked her tongue and rolled her neck with some sass.

            "I ain't thinkin' about dat nigga.."  Omar licked his lips

real LL Cool J style. "And, I know for a fact he don't take care

of the kitty the way he s'pose to."

            She twisted her pouty little mouth to keep from laughing, "Sooo," she was genuinely curious why guys such as Omar tended to believe her man was not a bona fide pipe layer.  "What makes you think he don't handle his?"

            "Imma' put it like this-"

          "Like, I could have been got at him." His jaw clenched in frustration. "But I was tryin' to let shit ride cause he from da' neighborhood. I mean, I used to play on slides and monkey bars with the nigga."

            "I know," Mia came to him, reached up and caressed the side of his face. "But, he definitely had it coming."

            Darnell looked into her eyes as she massaged the side of his neck the way she always did when he became stressed. "You're right." He raised his hand from the cushiony ass cheek he'd been rubbing and brought it back down SPA-LAAAAT! His open palm landed sharply, but affectionately against the same firm cheek.

            "Owww, Nell," she rose up on her tippy-toes, "That shit hurt. It vibrates from my ass right into my sore coochie."

            He had to smile at the way her bottom lip poked out, like one of their pouting children. "My bad," he used a palm to soothe the offended area, "Better?"

            "Uh-uh, no," she said, her voice muted, as if she were talking to herself as much as him.

            "Babe," he watched her move across the room to take a peek outside, "We'll hear the sirens soon."

            Awww, shiiiit! I  gotta get up outta here.  Omar began to panic because he couldn't find any give--in what he thought was duct tape wrapped around his body.

            Fu'uuk! He struggled to get free but it felt as if he were encased in a block of cement, from his neck down to his toes.

            Omar could feel the weight pressing down on his chest; yet, he couldn't actually feel his limbs.