Despite the cold clammy feel of his soggy shorts, he felt himself begin to thicken. “Hmmm..”


       As Lisa turned beneath the steamy shower spray, rinsing soap suds from her bikini clad body, she was suddenly really aroused. She was caught in the grip of a heavy, throbbing lubriciousness that was foreign to even someone as sexual as herself. It was as if she’d suddenly become sensitive everywhere, and when she hooked her thumbs into the top of her bikini bottoms to stretch out the material to rinse her crotch, an overpowering urge to slip a finger down between her thighs overcame her. But she resisted, and thought, ‘Damn, I cannot breathe inside this shower.’

     Lisa had a dizzying experience once she stepped from the shower. She was in need of some serious, hair-pulling kind of sex. She was aching for it.. She hoped, expected Tony to appear at any moment. But he never did.

     “Dios miso (Oh, my God). I am soooo mad! And so horny.” The cave bar’s uneven stone covered walls seemed to be closing in on her as she brought a hand up to her tight throat. ‘Working out always gets mi juices flowing, but this is crazy… it has to be the pregnancy.’

     “What is wrong wit’chu?” he wades back into the water and watches her get to her feet.


     “Man, you need to chill with all that moody shit.”

     Her jaw set firmly, “Are jhu saying I’m moody?”

     “Sometimes,” He nails her with that patent dark stare. “you do go through a lot of mood changes.” 

     “Pshhh!” Lisa’s mouth bunches almost belligerently. “I’ll be back. I gotta get this chlorine off of mi cuerpo (body).” She plucks the wedgie from the deep split between her plump buns and trots off to the poolside cave bar to shower.

     Meanwhile, Tony clambers the rest of the way out of the pool to lay atop the warm sandstone, and allows his breathing to settle into its normal rhythm.

     “Hmmm,” a weird feeling of familiarity overcomes him as he stares up at the midnight sky.. Sure Tony and Lisa had swam together before, but ‘Man!’ there was definitely something special when it came to doing it at night. ‘Alone. With her parents’ bedroom on the far side of the magnificently sprawling home…’

      “Uno,” Her toes flex to dig into the grass that runs away from the sandstone walk that borders the swimming pool, “dos, tres!”

    They both sprint the short distance to dive into the still water. SPLA-AAASH!

     A much longer, stronger Tony takes off into an early lead with his powerful strokes cutting through the water like he’s spent time at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado.

     ‘He does know this is a 5 lap race, bien (right)?’ Lisa ponders while her man’s machismo drives him to attempt to win the race, instead of simply pacing himself to insure that she does not lap him. ‘Okaaay,’ she maintains a measured, fast stroke that cuts cleanly through the water without too much splashing and wasted motion…

     Now; laboring for his breathes at the second to the last turn, Tony digs into the water and kicks hard to keep Lisa within a half dozen body lengths as he begans to splash more and more water.

     Up ahead, Lisa has a few thoughts of her own. ‘I don’t t’ink I can lap he’eem at this point. But I’ll go ahead and stretch de’ distance of mi victory…’

     “What?” “Que (what)?” she huffs back and chooses a skimpy, peach colored bikini.

     In response, he reaches down to adjust his package. “I got somethin’ for all of that attitude.” 

     “Hmmm,” teasingly, she arches her back and bends at the waist as she tugs down a very sung pair of denim shorts, while wiggling her amazing ass.

     There’s a full moon out. Its clear, and the stars are scattered across the dark backdrop above, glittering like gems in a dark pool. And there’s 40 yards of calm water in front of Lisa and Tony.  

     Lisa glances to her left with a glint in her emerald eyes, “Estas listo (You ready)?”

     Tony tugs at his long board shorts and nods. “lets get it.”

     “On t’ree.”

     He nods again.

     Lisa plays right along with a soft giggle, a nibble at her bottom lip, and the mashing of her halter top covered pulpy breasts to his hard body.. “Jhu can join me, Papi.” she batted her dark lashes for effect as one of her man’s strong hands slid around to palm one bubbly butt cheek. “That is, if jhu feel like taking a loss down in de’ pool.”

“You can’t swim faster than me.” Tony states with a no nonsense smirk.

     “Jhu do know I’ve grown up with a pool in mi backyard.”

     “What-” he huffs back before being cutoff.

     “Realista (Matter-of-fact), I’ll lap chu.”

     “Man, we can get at that pool tonight.”

     Lisa purses her glossy lips and snakes her neck, “Jhu ain’t said mierda (shit).”

     With that said, she takes a few ‘Oh so sexy’ strides over to her dresser where she pulls out one swimsuit, prior to shoving it back in the drawer while glaring back over her bare shoulder at her husband.

     “Con permiso (Excuse me)!” she huffed when he did not react in a timley enough manner.

     “You know what,” Tony watches her strut barefoot across the room in that sexy, slightly bowlegged way of hers. “pick a sport and bet.”

     Lisa twisted her pouty little mouth and regarded him as if she were processing the offer, before bating him even more by flippantly rejecting said offer. “Lo que’sea (what’eva).”

     “Nah, nah, nah,” He stopped her as she attempted to brush past him to exit the room.

     “Uh,” Her gaze drops to where he’s gently grasped her at the elbow, “para que(what are you doing)?”   

     Feigning innocence, he flashes a smooth sideways grin and proceeds to caress her lush hips. “I was just gon’ ask where you goin’?”

     “Yo no se (I don’t know), quizas (maybe) to take a medianoche (midnight) swim.” she says as she coquettishly tilts her head to the right to fondle her long swirling ponytail.

     “Soooo,” he allows his swag to curl around her, “you ain’t gon’ invite me?”

A Midnight Swim


Akila Cruz & Ray Childress

    shelf-like piece of rough rock in an attempt to stretch her compact frame. The supple muscles along her upper back and shoulders strained with their lengthening- “Oooll!” Lisa felt the tiny hairs at the nape of her neck raise even before she felt his breath back there. She stiffened, but she didn’t turn around. “Siii, Pa’pa..” she hummed as her man’s arms slipped around her body to cup the soft weight of her tetas in his strong hands. “You knew it was me?”

     “Uhm-hmm..” She’d recognized the feel of him instantly. The hard body. The bulge pressed flush to her bikini clad buns.. Eyes still closed, Lisa breathes his name. “Tony’ne..”

     “Shhh, talk to me with your body.” he says, his thumbs caressing her painfully aroused nipples.

     While gnawing at her bottom lip, she brushes her prominent rear-end back and forth against him, purring like a feline in heat.

     Tony presses into her softness firmly, kissing at the back of her neck while his fingers knead her swollen boob flesh; before a hand drops to tug loose the bow of her string bikini bottoms.

     When Lisa went to reach for a towel she had to lean against the cave wall for support. She felt strange, itchy, like something prickly was crawling under her skin. Her body was unfamiliar to her--urgently sexual. She could barely stand the feel of the wet bikini top against her heavy breasts and reaches behind her back to tug the string loose, freeing her tenderly stiff nipples of the material.      

     She inhaled sharply, drew the night air into her lungs, then revealed in the freedom the small act allotted her.. ‘Mmmmm, why are mi tetas so fucking tender?’ she thumbed at one of her bullet-like nipples and felt the warm cream dribble between her legs. ‘Where is he’eeee?’ she was beasting for it, to the point that she was actually mad that her husband wasn’t on-hand.. She did not want to call out for him. She did not want to go looking for him. She simply wanted him to know that he was supposed to come handle his bizness. ‘Why is he sooo, tonto (dumb)!’ she questioned with the bottom lip protruding pout of an angry child.

      On fire with need, Lisa was unable to stay still as something primal rose from within her. She turned to the stone wall with her top dangling down around her midriff and reached her hands high over her head, curling her fingers around a

     Lisa went on to finish with a far enough lead that she was seated on the edge of the pool when Tony finished his last lap at a near, doggie-paddle.

     “Tu bien (You okay), Pa’pa?” she uttered in a breathless fit of laughter as her husband came to rest with his elbows up on the pool ledge next to her.

     “What’s so funny?” Tony used a hand to wipe his face clean of water. “You ain’t lap me.”

     “Pu-leeeze!” she scoffs indignantly, tucking her chin, “Jhu know I crushed chu…”      Shaking his head in an exasperated fashion, he watched the way the moonlight falls across her face as she tilts her head and reaches back to wring pool water from her silky blue-black hair.

     Ignoring his point of contention, Lisa wrinkles her small upturned nose, “Ees de’ chlorine smell strong, or ‘ees ‘eet me?”

     Cupping both of her tiny feet beneath the water, he lulls and takes in all of her natural beauty as beads of water dot her glistening, creamy skin. “It might be your hormones-”  

     “Agh!” she ekes and kicks out, “Get off..”


     “Eso es (That’s it)..” she hissed, flattening both palms against the wall to brace herself so she could force her rump back to meet his every thrust. “Ahi mismo (Right there)!” the joyous cry of gratifying relief echoed off the rocky walls.

     Tony stilled himself, while she kept right on humping, “Gurlll, you-know-your voice will carry at night.”

     Lisa did not hear a word he said. “Tu gusta eso (You like that)?” she was lost in it, screwing and rolling herself on his shaft, wanting more and more of it. “Dale duro (Hit’it hard)!” she screeched with a voracious yearning that could only be satisfied with her rider’s punishing deep-seeking strokes, “Ha-aaah!” she eked and looked back for the first time to see him in all of his dark glory, as her lush lips form into a silent ‘O’ of rapture…

     SHA-WAACK! SMA-AAACK! her firmly fleshed orbed buns gleamed like beige half-moons under the light coming from the shower as they rippled, jostled, and shuddered with the way she wickedly rotated and repeatedly smacked them back into his lunging pelvis.

     “Arg..” Tony tightened his hold on her waist, baring his teeth, fighting to control himself, and her swiveling hips.

     Still within the depth of young love and newlywed bliss, Lisa turned, providing her husband an enticing side profile of her voluptuously stunning figure.

     Although her pregnancy hadn’t begun to show, Lisa’s beige tinted grapefruit-sized breasts were looking a bit more buxom than usual--and tonight, she wasn’t in the mood to back down from a debate with her husband over who would be passing along the best athletic genes to their unborn child.. “Tony,” she said, placing her hands on her shapely hips, “I’m a college athlete… While jhu,” She gave her man a long, emerald-eyed once over. “Jhu haven’t played an organized sport since jour days of Pop Warner football.”

     Offering a brief chuckle in response, Tony sighs and rolls his eyes towards the bedroom ceiling.. ‘Hormones.’ he mulls good-naturedly. He understood that there were those who felt they were too young to marry, but that was because those people had never been blessed with an opportunity to experience what his feisty little Spanish wife had to offer.

     Her sticky walls were wrapped around him like a steamy fist of fiery-wet friction that he overtook by clamping his fingers into her wildly winding hips, to administer the brutal strokes he knew she wanted. SMA-AAAACK! CAAAR-RAACCKKK! SPLAA-AT!

     “Dios mios!” she shrieked, “No pares de metermelo (Don’t stop fucking me)!”

     He rode her hard, filling her and stretching her to her depths. But she still craved more as she mewled and blubbered the sweetest inaudible sounds that subsequently pushed him just a little bit past the savage realm she was prepared to handle.

     “Huh?” he gruffed, “Mas (More)?”

     “Nuhhh..” Lisa gasped, trembled and craned her neck to look back at him once again. “Papi, yo-te-amo (I-love-you).” She annunciated upon the landing of each lusty, skin-smacking stroke.

     “I know.” he choked out while her pillowy backside took on a life of its own, dancing wildly as she issued soft keening noises in anticipation of the blissful contact another one of his swirling strokes would bring. SPLA-AAT! “Tu gusta eso?”

She loved it; as a result, she felt her body tightening, ramping into a heated ball at the center of her core. “I like

     Widening her pigeon-toed stance, Lisa shakes her tail in invitation, allowing the bikini bottoms to slip to the floor as she arches her back to ram her hot derriere more tightly to him.

     “I want to eat this pussy from the back.” he murmurs amongst the calmest of kisses he’s raining down her back until he lingers to plant a few smooches along the aggressive swell of her bottom.

     “No, nada.” she hisses, “I need jhu inside me, ahora mismo (right now)!”

     “You in your bag, huh?” he utters, rising up above her 5 foot nothing frame of stacked womanly curves.

     Tony knew that Lisa tended to exude a strong sexual allurement, but under the night’s full moon there was definitely something else afoot. So with one hand masterfully pawing a teta, his other hand was left to explore her body in ways that caused her to nearly sob with the intensity of the pleasure.

     “Huh,” he teased deviously, “I ain’t hear you?”

     “Tony!” his name tore from her throat in a single strangled sound when his hand cupped her weeping sex for the first time.

    “Babe, you didn’t get all the soap off?” he questioned from behind.

     “He’eeem..” she offered in a humming whimper, knowing fully well her man just came away with a handful of her warm milkshake. “Ees not soap.”

     ‘What da’ fuck?’

     There was a strong ringing in Lisa’s head, along with some anxiousness, hunger, and pure unadulterated need.

     “Wha,” she eked as his finger slipped inside her. The sung sheath clenched at once, sucking at the digit. “Dame otro dedo (Give me another finger).” she shuddered, unable to stop grinding back against the bulge tenting his shorts.. “Qu’te deso (I want’chu).” She’d had quite enough of the playing around, she wanted him deep inside of her, pumping and screwing like he was trying to dig her guts out.

     “I got’chu.” He gritted through his teeth.

     With her palms pressed high up on the cool wall, Tony dropped his shorts, moved his hands to her rotating hips, then began to ease into her slippery yet tight opening--but Lisa could not wait; thus, she slammed her ass back as he tried to gently slip forward.

     Amid the chorus of his groans and her moans, Tony kissed his wife on the shoulder, gave it a wanton nibble, then proceeded to trial kisses along the way until he reaches her neck-- all the while without pulling free of her still pulsing girl-parts. “Ain’t nothing left for you to milk out of me.”

     Lisa released a soft, breathless chuckle and pressed her damp cheek against a flat area of the cool stone wall. “Tu seguro (You sure)?”

     “Trick question?”

     “No, Pa’pa, we’ve had more than enough for this night.” She went silent for a few moments to bask in the divine feel of their closeness, the sound of their combined heartbeats… “O’ye (Hey),”


     She paused to feel a few more beats of his heart against her back.. “We’re going to sleep like logs.”

     when jhuu-u-huuu,” she struggle to speak amid the sawing action currently rubbing over her g-spot, “When jhu kiss-me-while I’m cum’iiiing!”

     Leaning over his hard-breathing honey’s back, he twirled his tongue with hers in a sloppy kiss as a hand felt around at the junction of her healthy thighs until his middle finger found her naughty little button.

     “I feel ‘eeet,” He seemed to swell inside her, thickening until she was imploding into a million shattered pieces of glass. “Hoo-ooh!” she blathered against his lips.

     “Ahrrr,” he growled against the side of her mouth while her womanly oils splashed over his rapidly slapping scrotum.

     Lisa heard a mixture of her voice and his, blended with the wet sound of her man’s jackrabbit-like fucking pace. Her vagina twitched, then clenched and sucked at his spewing shaft like a greasy silk covered fist.

     “Ga’aaah!” clearly, the strongest orgasm ever washed over her as a deluge of white-hot lava splashed her womb.